The Last Flight of Captain Calder Scott Is Now Available

My first published work, a novelette entitled The Last Flight of Captain Calder Scottis now available on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

cover 2

In this steampulp (a new name for what is probably an old genre, essentially steampunk without the left-anarchist overtones) novelette, Alan Abney, an airship mechanic’s apprentice living in London in an alternate 1874 where technology developed a lot faster than in our own timeline, falls in with a crew of air pirates. But when he discovers that they’re holding a young couple hostage in their hunt for a lost treasure, he faces difficult questions about his loyalties, his values, and his life.

It can be purchased here.



Dear Readers,

Some of you may know me from my other blog, The Rambling Royalist, but many of you will not. This is the blog dedicated to my fiction rather than politics and religion as such, though of course, they’re all tied together by a consistent worldview. Nevertheless, I’ll try to keep each blog more or less on its own topic as we go on. The next post will talk about my recently published novelette, The Last Flight of Captain Calder Scott. Stay tuned.